I’m always excited to shoot someone’s wedding… But I’m even more excited when it’s family and there will be many people I know!

As it’s beginning of October, the weather could be a potential party pooper this time of the year in Belgium. But not today. The sun is out and it’s going to be a extraordinary day!

After starting the day with all the necessary preparations at the bride’s parents’ place, we headed towards the cosy little church in Berchem. And seriously. Look at how cute the little children are…

After a beautiful ceremony with the goosepump inflicting music of Melanie Pecher, a huge amount of balloons were lifted into the sky. A couple of pictures near the church and we’re off to Temse where a wonderful brunch awaits and the garden just begs for a family photoshoot.

Afterwards we take the cars to go to the Schelde-river in Temse where we embarque on a little ferry. The sun is hanging low, which makes for the perfect lighting.

By the late afternoon, we move across the road to the Zilte Zoen where the reception takes place in the astonishing garden, follow by a delicious dinner. The tables are all golf-tennis themed as these are the couple’s passion. After some nice speeches, it’s time to start the first dance, which is immediately follow by a heck of a party!

Love love love love


  • Church: Berchem
  • Evening: Zilte Zoen – Temse