Come to Finland, they said. It will be fun, they said.

Before landing in Helsinki, I was already treated from the sky to lots of greenery and a lot of water. What made me excited for the next few days! Given that we landed on a Thursday we had another 2 days to get aclimatized and to help here and there (and taste the big beers of Finland). Friday evening, most people arrived and we were welcomed at the beautiful Golf of Salo where we enjoyed a nice dinner.

The morning afterwards the final details in order were made and the couple was getting ready. In the afternoon everyone was expected in a small traditional picturesque church, where the necessary nerves were shown to see the bride. After a celebration I did not understand half of (it was a part in Finnish) and the necessary petals, we were welcomed in the beautifully decorated house for a nice reception. As the weather was quickly changing, we quickly took off to take some pictures in the nearby meadows, but then it was suddenly raining pretty badly so we had to take cover in the car.. Until we passed a dense forest along the road, where we were still able to get some dryer shots. The weather wasn’t on our side, but we still managed to take some great pictures!

When we returned we enjoyed a fantastic barbecue and emotional speeches to end with a beautiful opening dance on the pontoon at the lake. A few hours of dancing and the day was complete!

The morning after we were again expected to have a nice traditional brunch with cinnamon rolls, followed by a warm sauna and a fresh dip in the lake.

Come to Finland, they said. It will be fun, they said.

Damn they were right.

Locations: Angelniemi – Finland