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Schoenen Torfs - Medewerkersdagen

Schoenen Torfs won for the 6th time the "Employer Of The Year" award in Belgium. They held their "Employee Days" in the KAA Gent Stadion this year, where many workshops took place, followed by nice food and a great party! The atmosphere here is amazing... So many friendly people, such a good vibe... Love it! Enjoy!

Never Stop Exploring

Traveling opens horizons. It makes you do things you don't do everyday, sometimes at the end of your comfort zone. It makes you rethink your daily life.

 A little GoPro movie from back in October in Thailand. 

BASE + Spotify Summer Festivals Aftermovie

Throughout the summer, BASE has sponsored multiple festivals in Belgium. Together with Spotify, people were able to get 1 month of Spotify Premium by choosing their favourite track! Inside The BASEment, a DJ would play all of these chosen tracks to create a customised party! What a summer...

A chest full of magic - Tomorrowland aftermovie

It was supposed to be a traditional Sunday... Until I found a chest full of magic memories from Tomorrowland 2014!

Magnificent Soundtrack: Ilan Bluestone & Jerome Isma-Ae - Tension Get it here: