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Schoenen Torfs - Medewerkersdagen

Schoenen Torfs won for the 6th time the "Employer Of The Year" award in Belgium. They held their "Employee Days" in the KAA Gent Stadion this year, where many workshops took place, followed by nice food and a great party! The atmosphere here is amazing... So many friendly people, such a good vibe... Love it! Enjoy!

Decathlon - Protection for the snow

One of the many video's we made for Decathlon to help the customers how to prepare for the snow season.

To view the others, please visit the Decathlon page on YouTube:

Schoenen Torfs "Dankjewel"-actie

Schoenen Torfs would like to thank their customers for many different reasons in the "Dankjewel"-action they are running. They asked MORREC to make a little movie about it!

ClearChannel - Beacons Of Light

On October 26th we switched to winter hour... We won 1 hour, but darker days are coming! ClearChannel asked me to make a movie for their newsletter to highlight the beautiful lighting of their billboards, so that even in the darkest days, the message stays clear! Check it out!