Oh Cuba...

Cuba is amongst one of the most popular travel destinations of the last few years. I’d seen some magical pictures of it and decided it needed to be our first stop on our trip throughout Latin America.

The thing is that many people are saying that it will soon all change and you have to see it NOW, before it’s too late! The American embargo is being more relaxed and thus everything will drastically change. This might be true, but let’s not stress about it just yet.

Yes, the classic American old timers or old little soviet cars will more and more be replaced by more modern vehicles. Yes, soon there will be WiFi in every house. And yes, you will probably find a McDonald’s or a Starbucks in some places.

But to me the most important reasons Cuba is definitely worth a visit are not the things (or the lack of it) mentioned above. It’s the people. The culture. The music. The warmth that these people have in them. The solidarity they have towards each other because of the political regime all results in an incredible society. Filled with people that have their doors and windows open, who talk to each other, enjoy the best music in the world while smoking a big fat cigar… Oh. And no stress. It’s really something that surprised us the most. It really makes you think about our often very individual, cocooned, rushed society.

To me this was the best thing about Cuba. And to be honest, I don’t think that this will change drastically in a couple of years. It’s something that is part of their culture, their education, that is in their roots.

So if you want my opinion? You still have time to save the money and buy that ticket. It might change a little in the coming years, but it will definitely be worth it!