Irmy is a wonderful woman I got to know through Instagram. After 2 months of internship with me, it was clear she is ready to start her career as a full-time photographer.

Characterised by her joy-de-vivre, high energy level, her stubbornness to do things her way, Irmy talks a bit about how she started photography, what she likes about it and her style.

It’s kind of funny to make a promo video for someone who I could see as a “competitor”. I don’t actually call people “competitors” as I think it has a harsh connotation. Irmy is a colleague. A nice, hardworking colleague with an amazing dedicated style of her own.

If you like her approach, head over to her wonderful site and make sure to check her instagram.

Sorry English speaking people. She didn’t want subtitles 😀

(Cover photo: © Irmy Photography)

Client: Irmy Photography
Location: Antwerp + Kalmthoutse Heide